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There's less than five years to halve the number of road deaths globally by 2020.

The Global Goals target is to reduce road crashes from 1.24 million to less than 600 thousand.

We need your action to make it happen, let's get going!


brasilia03skl hashtag Choose your priority!

Choosing your priorities should be based on what is happening in your reality on a national and/or local level. You can check out the latest data of your country at Get Smarter.

Things are different in different parts of the world, but one thing that is certain is that more than 500 children are being killed all around the world every day. 

These priorities will #SaveKidsLives.

Do your research. Get smart. Get even smarter
Become a #SaveKidsLives expert. Choose your action priorities!

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The five priority areas of the 2020 Action Agenda. Our partners around the world are leading campaigns on all these areas. Find out more and take action to push for real change.

megaphone transskl hashtag Call on your government to publish plans

Once you have chosen what is important, call on your government to publish plans on how it will reach the Global Goals 2020 target: by 2020, we need to halve the number of people being killed on the world's roads.

We ask you to send letters, make noise and get those plans from your government on how they will reach their target. For your convenience you can find an advocacy guide and advocacy letters for you to get going.

There are some letters for supporters in the US to send to your state legislators! Feel free to include other road safety issue areas that can #SaveKidsLives, or use our messaging in your own letter! More country letters will be coming soon but for now, you can also adjust these to you own local settings. Click on the buttons below to download them.


Advocacy Guide Advocacy Letters (USA)

media bubbe transskl hashtag Use media!

Using media is an advocacy strategy that can help to raise visibility for your action priority. It can get people talking, and place your issue on a decision-maker’s agenda. Media advocacy includes the following types of coverage:

Earned media, which means convincing a media outlet to cover your issue

Paid media, which entails paying for a media outlet to present your issue

Owned media, which requires that you create and disseminate content over your own website, blog or other channels you control

Social media, which includes using Facebook, twitter, YouTube and other interactive platforms to create attention and generate dialogue.

Road Safety brief for journalists


skl hashtagShare your success!brasilia01

Developing your initiatives to focus on the 2020 Action Agenda Priorities can have a massive impact all around the world. 

The #SaveKidsLives campaign will be showcasing the action and initiatives taken by its supporters. So, if you are undertaking action already for the campaign, we want to hear from you!

Share you action details to and let us share your work to inspire more action around the world.


"No more empty commitments. No more delay. We are approaching five years into the Decade of Action for Road Safety. Road deaths are actually rising in nearly 70 countires. Where is the action? Where is the urgency?"

Global road safety advocate
#SaveKidsLives campaigner
Zoleka Mandela